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This site contains two software products that provide a numerical and visual assessment of the prosodic characteristics of speech intonation, namely:

  • The analyzer of the characteristics of the tempo of speech - SpeechRateMeter+ (year of creation 2021);
  • The analyzer of the characteristics of the melodics of speech "IntonTrainer" (year of creation 2019);


SpeechRateMeter+ (SRM+)

In the current version of SRM+ from 2021-08-02, unlike the previous SRM from 2021-04-05, a new important function is added to detect "FILLER" sounds. Its use makes it possible to assess the degree of "pollution" of the analyzed speech by sounds of this kind.


The "SpeechRateMeter+" software is designed to assess the complex of prosodic characteristics of the speech tempo, namely:

  1. Speech rate – Rs – total speed of reading the text (calculated as the number of words per minute during the actual pronunciation time, i.e. taking into account the duration of interphrase pauses);
  2. Articulation rate – Ra – phonemic stream generation rate (calculated as the number of words per minute for the total time of articulation, i.e. without taking into account the duration of interphrase pauses);
  3. Pauses score – Tp – the mean duration of the inter-phrase pauses (calculated as the RMS value of the duration of all pause sections);
  4. Filler score – Tf – the relative duration of "filler" vocal insertions (calculated as a ratio in pae cents of the RMS to the average-median duration of vowels).

Areas of use

SRM+ is implemented as a separate application for Windows (7, 8, 10). The use of SRM+ can be useful in the following practical cases:

  • When preparing speeches and presentations for self-control and self-study of the desired rate of speech;
  • To improve the skills of oral reading in the native and foreign languages;
  • As a means of self-control to eliminate speech defects associated with various physiological disorders and diseases;
  • For individual training of oral and speech skills in a number of professions such as: call center operators, radio, TV announcers, etc;
  • As a means of monitoring the rate of speech during the work of call-center operators, radio and television announcers in real conditions.


Speech Rate Meter (SRM)

Source code


Version 2019-03-06


IntonTraner is a software package for Windows and Linux, designed for training intonation of oral speech. • Training is based on comparing the melodic portraits of the pattern and pronouncing the phrase to the students. • The acoustic database includes a large set of template phrases covering most of the intonation patterns of the language. • The system is based on interactive auditory and visual contact with the student, and also provides a quantitative assessment of the fidelity of intonation. • Currently, a system has been prepared some basic exercises for training intonation of Russian, British English, as well as basic exercises to improve singing skills. • More over there are several demos for Belarusian, American English, Chinese and German, as well as the intonation of emotional speech. • Localization into other languages ​​can be easily accomplished by creating appropriate acoustic databases.

Areas of use

The software package is recommended for use:

  • In linguistic education used as a means of visualizing intonation;
  • In individual intonation training for correct pronunciation used as a means of feedback;
  • In scientific and practical research used as a means of comparing intonation from different sources.



Russian exercises demo

British English exercises demo

Singing lesson exercises demo

Belarusian IntonTrainer demo

American English IntonTrainer demo

Chinese IntonTrainer demo

German IntonTrainer demo

Multilingual Applications IntonTrainer demo

Emotions IntonTrainer demo (English)

Emotions IntonTrainer demo (Russian)


Source code

How it works

  • The system is based on comparing the melodic (tonal) portraits of a reference phrase and a phrase spoken by the learner and involves active learner-system interaction.
  • The main algorithms used in the training system proposed for analyzing and comparing intonation features are considered.
  • A set of reference sentences is given which represents the basic intonation patterns of English speech and their main varieties.
  • A current linguistic idea is that a foreign accent is more evident and stable in intonation than in segmental sounds.

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